A New Era of Force Options!!

Law Enforcement force options are an ever-changing concept. In order to better serve their communities and those they police, agencies must stay on the cutting edge so as to minimize the injuries to both the officers they employ and the public they serve. Through superior training, and the application of effective force concepts, we at Sidewinder Jiu Jitsu believe that we can minimize liability to the agency and individual officer. Our synthesis of proven martial arts techniques with an extensive working knowledge of police force continuums and policies make our curriculum second to none.

10-10, Police code for “Fight in progress”! Fights are of the mental and or physical variety. All officers will inevitably experience both. This code is the foundation for far more than a system of techniques for police officers. Its a perpetual state of mind that must be embraced for an officer to survive his tour of duty. Police Officers have voluntarily taken on a life of daily fights of both the mental and physical variety. Strengthening the body and mind for the inevitable is imperative and we focus on training not only the body, but the mind. The power found in the combination of a properly cultivated survival mindset and technical superiority is undeniable. We aim to motivate officers through physical and mental technical superiority, thus delivering a more professional officer that is adequately equipped to handle the stressors of the job. The ultimate goal of 10-10 is the reduction in injuries to both officer and suspect through physical training and the elimination of suicide by awareness, consultation, and prevention.

The 10-10 Police Program is our answer to defensive tactics and force options. We have successfully blended Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu with fundamentally sound police tactics to produce a system of techniques that can augment any police defensive tactics program. Relying heavily on the escort position, and various cuffing positions, we have devised a system that has an effective approach to a variety of highly common circumstances that have proven to be repetitive in confrontations involving officers. Our 10-10 system is truly unique in that blend BJJ with proven law enforcement techniques. Additionally, we focus heavily on weapon retention, presentation and manipulation while on the ground in a confrontation where other systems seem to fall short. We have also taken a unique and effective approach to tactics and training as a backup officer assisting in a physical confrontation. Our focus in this particular area is training officers how to be effective backup and cover elements and avoiding the omnipresent “dogpile” that has contributed to countless positional asphyxiation lawsuits. 10-10 is a comprehensive program that is suitable for all agencies and is available in many different formats to serve the varying needs of the departments and their personnel.

“Consistent training is the key, I don’t believe that any one discipline or approach is the answer. To be truly effective, a martial artist, officer, administrator, and department must be on the same page. The page we all need to be on is consistent, progressive training. This will avoid compensating behavior on the part of inexperienced and untrained officers”


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