About Us

In a few rare instances, people, faith, and blessings come together to form something great. This was certainly the case for our academy. Sidewinder Jiu-Jitsu was established in the summer of 2018 by Professor Coy Clements. The goal was to create a faith based academy that provided world class instruction at an affordable rate. Professor Clements extensive knowledge of not only the BJJ culture but also the business gave him a unique perspective. He strongly believed that the blessings and delights of jiu-jitsu had simply become too expensive for most people to enjoy, and his idea of a Jiu-Jitsu academy was one of fellowship that entire families could afford to train in.

He strongly embraced an idea that the progenitors of the art, the Gracie’s, wished for their art to be spread to the world and experienced by everyone. The sum of these two ideas would result in the fastest growing and most dominant pure Jiu-Jitsu experience in North Texas.

Family and blessings are the founding principles of Sidewinder BJJ. The truth is that the organization is more important than any one individual, instructor, belt rank or accolade. We believe in family and there are people behind the scenes that have made this all possible. This page is your introduction to the people who make our academy what it is. Without them…..NONE of this would be possible.


The Clements Family - Pictured left to right: Kyleigh, Jami, Coy, Colton & Kimber (bottom)