legacy brochure

Our goal from the start has been to provide affordable training and build a family of warriors. All too often we see senior students leave their home academy and or instructor after years or decades of training, for monetary reasons. We aim to retain our valued senior students because we recognize that the investment is reciprocal and shared.  Our senior students years of experience are nearly impossible to replace. Therefore, we have devised a student retention program that will reward those athletes who sacrifice years of their life to the art, their team and Professor Clements. Legacy members are those esteemed Sidewinder athletes who began their Jiu-Jitsu journey as a white belt with Professor Clements and have been rewarded each subsequent rank by his hand and no other. These elite athletes have maintained a continuous uninterrupted enrollment at the Sidewinder BJJ HQ throughout the entirety of their Jiu Jitsu career. Legacy athletes have displayed their loyalty to not only their professor, academy, and teammates, they have also made immense sacrifices to the organization and contributed to its development. By meeting the programs organizational performance measures, our esteemed Legacy Members work toward a lifetime of free membership with every degree and belt rank they receive, effective at blue belt and beyond. Meet our Legacy Members at each of their respective ranks by clicking the colored logo’s below