The Stockton Slapper returns to the octagon – TONIGHT!!!!

Few people with a pulse can deny having heard the name Nate Diaz. For most, hes quite the irritant. His personality is abrasive, brash and unforgiving. However, anyone familiar with the type of background that Nate and his brother Nick were from will find them magnetic and polarizing. I recall the first time i saw Nate Diaz in action. It was a video floating around on youtube that involved a BJJ match between Nate and one of my case studies, Ryan Hall. Ryan hall was quite the prototypical jiu-jitsu practitioner in an art that was rapidly evolving. His style was totally different and he was tearing up the competition scene with his unique blend of flexibility and totally new approach to the guard game.

This match was just one more in a long line of what i figured would be total domination on the part of Ryan Hall against another inferior opponent. After a very entertaining match, it was Nate Diaz who found his arm raised in victory. From that day on, he was somewhat of an enigma. I recall thinking just how traditional his approach was. The obvious question at that point was, what makes him so effective? Keep in mind, this was in 2007 and i knew absolutely nothing of him other than that he beat Ryan Hall. This is found to be an insurmountable task at that particular time. Nate Diaz was forever on my radar. Admittedly, i stopped being a UFC fan years ago when it became obvious that the organization was far more concerned with paying itself than its fighters. Additionally, pay per views were in my opinion, unreasonably high and given the discrepancy between their expenses and income, i chose not to support the brand. As chance and boredom would have it, i took to watching the ufc’s next venture “The Ultimate Fighter” to satisfy my addiction. It was on season 5 that i saw Nate face off with Gray Maynard in the semi-finals. Nate would win that fight en-route to an eventual TUF season 5 win and a UFC contract. The rest would be history. The ultimate fighter really put Nate in the spot light and it would be his defiant, and fearless personality that really made me a fan. I mean seriously, who can dislike a fighter that regularly slaps the piss out of opponents just to prove a point. The “stockton slap” is a real technique, look it up!

Tonight, Nate returns to the octagon to face off with Anthony Pettis. Im saying this will be the fight of the year. Both of these guys have proven to be absolute barbarians in the cage. They share many traits that make them true warriors. The most important being that they want the most competitive fights. Its not about the money, fame or titles. These guys just want to fight and while the rumors of “fight avoidance” on the part of Nate Diaz abound, its important to know the truth from his perspective. The old adage; “theres two sides to every story”, is absolutely true and while neither side may be the whole truth, if you look right down the middle, you may find that the MAJORITY of the truth comes out of Nates mouth (in a way that only nate can do lol). In a recent and extremely rare interview with ESPN’s Brett Okamoto, Nate Diaz sheds light on not only the imminent Pettis fight, but his entire career and often turbulent relationship with the UFC. After watching the interview, i found myself admiring Nate even more. He is nowhere near adequately articulate, but i guarantee you will watch the entire interview hanging on his next word. Ask yourself why? It’s because we love guys like this. The Diaz’s, the Cerrone’s, these are the guys we secretly admire because in a world that has largely gone soft, and politically correct, these guys are the ones walking down the street flying the finger for no apparent reason and we cant get enough. While i will NEVER, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, purchase another ufc pay perview, this is one that will get me over to Buffalo Wild Wings to enjoy a blue moon and watch these two men put in work.  I suggest you do the same.


Coy Clements