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The “Gracie UFC Conspiracy”…fact or fiction…YOU DECIDE!

First, watch the video below. In what will no doubt eventually be a provocative interview, Bill “superfoot” Wallace spoke with Jesse Enkamp about his perspective and experiences as a commentator at the original UFC 1 Show. The history, turbulence and exceptional events surrounding the UFC in its early days are well known and often lamented. […]

Welcome to Snakepit Scattershooting! The OFFICIAL Sidewinder Jiu Jitsu Blog!

Snakepit Scattershooting is online! Welcome to the Sidewinder Jiu Jitsu official blog! We will discuss all things Jiu-Jitsu and not. Very little will be in foul territory. It is my intent to give readers an additional stimulant on top of their morning coffee, without getting too far left of center. Keep in mind that this […]